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I only write about what I have done: no theory. Writer, Attorney, Entrepreneur, Movie Producer, and more… the ONLY 3 ways to reinvent:
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“If I eat just one of the Little Debbie Swiss Cake Rolls, it won’t affect me.”

How many times have I had that thought? Too many.

I’ve had other thoughts, of course, that aren’t productive. We all have thoughts that don’t help us at all. So why do our own minds betray us?

In the race of thoughts inside my own head, there are three that not only lead to a dead-end, but somehow lead to a circular track of doom that is impossible to leave.

Impossible that is, unless I replace them. Replacement is a subtle sleight-of-mind that accepts…

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I recently took one of the silly stories I told my kids and turned it into a children’s book called CinderToot. I used the writing, publishing, and marketing of CinderToot to teach my four young kids about starting a business, being an entrepreneur, and executing an idea.

My dream was to work with my young kids in every phase of the process. My oldest is 10 years old, and the youngest is 3. However, while writing and creating the book, I realized that my kids are horrible business partners. Here’s why.

Horrible Business Partners

1. No follow-through

No matter how many times I remind them, they…

(draft) Art by (the amazing) Kate Cosgrove, from CinderToot: A Cinderella Tooting Tale, used with permission

One year ago I was writing a book on reinventing yourself. The only time I could carve out to research and write was 15 minutes early in the morning.

Fifteen minutes a day. That’s it.

The rest of my workday was filled with drafting legal documents, reviewing the tax code, analyzing intellectual property issues, and answering clients. Plus, I had a wife and four kids, taught at a law school, produced movies, and wrote articles online.

You might be thinking the same thing that a good friend told me: “That book will take you 10 years to write — if…

Two types of faces were on the rink. One showed sheer joy — a young man who had worked and toiled and then triumphed unexpectedly. The other type was the veteran champion, who had suffered his first loss, but marveled when he saw what it took to beat him.

On February 22, 1980, the United States beat the Russian hockey team in what many have called the “miracle on ice.” The Russians had beaten the Americans 13 days earlier by a score of 10 to 3. The Russian team consisted of veterans who had rarely lost in 20 years. …

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Most people want to lead but aren’t sure how to start. It’s easy to wake up, start the day, and then get whisked off into the current of mediocrity. At some point, we get so caught up in keeping our head above water that we don’t have time to think about how we could improve or influence the lives of others in order to help them.

It turns out it’s easy to influence others. There are simple skills that we can learn in a few minutes that can instantly improve our ability to lead effectively. …

From CinderToot, Art by Kate Cosgrove

“You have to read this book I just checked out from the library,” my wife said.

My wife’s last two book recommendations were The Martian and Orphan X. I loved them both. But I don’t read fiction much, as I read all day as a lawyer and have a stack of nonfiction books waiting for me to find time between being a husband, dad, lawyer, producer, writer, and professor. But when she mentioned a new recommendation, she had my attention.

“I just read the book to the kids. They loved it. You really need to read it. …

courtesy of Free Burma Rangers (

Dave Eubank had come from a missionary family, but he didn’t feel called to be a missionary. Instead, he joined the military and eventually became an Army Ranger. Dave became a warrior.

After he left the military, though, he received a call. People in the country of Burma needed help — food, medicine, and other supplies.

He decided to help. He proposed to his girlfriend. Then he took a one-way trip to Burma with his new bride. He arrived with the supplies to a war-damaged jungle where people were dying.

“We’re here to help. Everything we have is yours.”


The first time I cried in public came upon me suddenly. I walked up the stairs of the balcony of a church well before the service started. I was alone. Well, nearly alone. One other person was sitting down near the front of the balcony. He was bald, with dark hair encircling a shiny dome, and a dark mustache. He cleared his throat recognizably.

It was my father.

When I saw him, a thought came to me that I never had before. At some point, my father would be gone. My time with him was finite. …

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I had been running for 28 minutes and 36 seconds.

28 minutes and 46 seconds.

28 minutes and 51 seconds.

52. 53. 54. 55. 56.

Then I collapsed, a few hundred feet from my house. I kneeled with one knee on the ground, at the corner of a country road and a subdivision.

I looked down at my watch: 28:56. I had done something that people told me I would never do. I had done something that seemed impossible 15 years earlier.

If I had a cigar, I would have lit it. And I don’t even smoke cigars. …

Photo by Bambi Corro on Unsplash

An older man sat down next to a younger man on an airplane. They had never met.

After a few moments of silence, the older man made a proposition to the younger man. He asked the younger man to steal something for him. In exchange for the stolen item, the younger man would receive a sum of one million dollars.

The younger man initially was offended, but when he heard the amount, he listened carefully. He became excited at the prospect of becoming a millionaire overnight. He agreed to the man’s offer. …

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